Monday, March 30, 2015

Mindful Monday - Lemons and Limes...No easy task!

All I wanted were lemons and limes. A simple and quick shopping trip, right? 


I couldn't even get two feet into the store without realizing how slippery the floor was from the rain. Despite repeated requests for motorized scooters or manual wheelchairs with baskets, they don't have them. Instead of giving up and leaving the store, this time I decided to make a statement. I asked one of the the store employees, who fortunately just happened to be near the front entrance, if he could get my wheelchair out of the trunk of my car for me and set it up. He did and I thanked him for his help. He then went back into the store figuring I would be fine from there. I thought I would be too, but when I got to the doorway my wheelchair got stuck and couldn't get over the little hump to get into the store. The door is automatic, which is a good thing, but if it's anything like other automatic doors I've seen it could have closed on me when I got stuck. Again, fortunately the same guy was right there and he helped me in. I picked my lemons and limes, checked out, and again asked for help to get out of the store safely and to put my wheelchair back in my car.

I love this store. It's a locally-owned business that specializes in the kind of food I feel are best for my health.  They have more organic produce and healthy food in general than I've seen anywhere else.  I want to be able to go as I please and do my shopping there independently like everyone else. The inside of the store is wheelchair accessible, but if I can't even get in the door without obstacles what's the point? My problem would be solved if only they had a wheelchair in the store. They just added a second food bar. Nice, but why can't they keep one wheelchair or motorized scooter, maybe two, there? 

I think it's time to move past the phone calls and request an in-person meeting with the manager.  I plan on calling him this week to set that up.  Stay tuned!  

In the meantime, let's all try to stay mindful of accessibility.  Please share your experiences below!

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