Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday's Tip - Just ask!

Children often do not hesitate to ask for what they want.  It is important to hold on to this character trait as we become adults.  Yesterday I wrote about an experience I had at the local food market.  Today I called the manager and requested an in-person meeting with him.  To my surprise, he was available at that time so I went over there right away.

When we met in person I explained to him the background of my situation and why I want to be able to do all of my grocery shopping there.  He listened attentively, explained that there are always people there willing to help, but also expressed understanding of my needs.  As far as getting a wheelchair or motorized scooter in the store goes, he actually said to me that it does start to sound like excuse after excuse after a while.

He is going to speak with someone in upper management about it this week.  He took my number so he can call me after that.  If I don't hear from him in one week I will give him a call back.  I asked if I could speak with someone in upper management, but he said he'll speak with them first and if that doesn't get us anywhere then he'll refer me to them.  

No guarantees were given, but I feel hopeful this is heading in the right direction.  Perhaps one day soon I'll be able to buy my lemons and limes as easily as everyone else can.

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