Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Above and Beyond

Monday afternoon I made a sale and I wanted to get the package in the mail before the snow piled up. I always drop off my packages at a nearby store since it's closer than the post office.

I called the store to ask if someone could meet me out front just in case I couldn't find a close parking space. (Crowds flock to the store when snow is in the forecast...and the store where I was dropping off my package is in the same shopping center as the grocery store.) I paid for postage online, so all I had to do was drop it off.  Without hesitation they said, "Yes, of course!"

Well, it turns out I didn't need them to come out and meet me. I guess everyone had already stocked up on milk, bread, and toilet paper (bath tissue as the grocery store calls it) because I easily found a close parking space. I carefully walked into the store. It had already started to snow and it was sticking, but my crutches and I managed. Just to be safe, going back to my car I asked one of the employees if he would walk out with me and he did.

The employees at this store have always been good to me, but today they went above and beyond to assist me!  I am grateful for them!

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