Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Musings - To Be a Tree

My roots are firmly grounded. They go so deep that I can't even see where they begin. My trunk is strong and huggable. It's winter, so there are no leaves on my limbs. It's a bit chilly, but I know from past years that it will get warmer and I'll be okay. Oh, look! It's starting to snow! My limbs are embracing the snow as it acts as a blanket. I feel warmer now. 

As the temperature begins to warm up and spring is arriving, the snow melts. The warmth of the sun allows my limbs to begin budding. Hello, little birdie! Come have a seat on me! Flowers begin to grow and people are in awe of my beauty. Soon the flowers begin to fall and coat the ground with a blanket of pink. My limbs begin to turn green. I feel a little sad to see the flowers fall, but once again I think back to years past. I remember that the flowers will grow again in due time. 

It's summer now and the weather has turned a little hot. There are some people looking for shade and they choose me for comfort. The coolness of the shade I provide allows them to have a nice picnic lunch under me. When they leave I notice the sky turning darker. Looks like a typical summer thunderstorm is coming. I'm a little fearful of of storms, but I know that I've been through so many. I'm strong enough to get through it. I will be okay. I welcome the rain, as it keeps me healthy. When the storm is over I notice a vivid and full rainbow embracing me. 

Soon the weather beings to turn cooler and my leaves change colors. All kinds of colors. I am my own rainbow. I enjoy them for a while, but know that eventually they must fall. It's the ups and downs of life I must face. I know they'll be back next year. 

 In the meantime I'll once again enjoy the winter snow as the cycle begins again.

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