Friday, April 17, 2015

Five for Friday - Five Tips I Wasn't Told

Throughout my journey to get healthy, I have been given useful tips.  In the beginning, it was enough.  However, I'm at the point now where I'm looking for more.  While I certainly appreciate the support I've been given, there were certain lessons I learned on my own through further research online, in books, and by talking to others.  Here are five tips I wasn't told that I figured out on my own and have been working well for me.

1.  Stop drinking soda.  I was told that it's okay to continue drinking soda once a week.  I understand the logic in this, as it might deprive me of something I enjoy.  This worked in the beginning because I was gradually cutting down on soda.  However, if I'm going to continue to improve my health, completely eliminating soda from my diet is a must.  It's been almost one year since I had my last one!

2.  Choose organic.  There is a lot of research out there that proves organic dairy and organic produce are healthier than their conventional counterparts.  While I've always been told to eat my veggies, organic seems to be on the back burner with many people.  The benefits of organic are worth spending the extra money, in my opinion.  In the long run, it leads to better health, and therefore possibly less medical bills.  I'd rather spend that money on food than on medical bills.

3.  Choose whole fat over fat free.  Fat free is not always healthier.  Milk and eggs are whole foods.  When you trim the fat, you trim the nutrients.  And then there's processed foods.  If it's fat free it likely has something else in it that's unhealthy.  I have been drinking organic whole milk and eating organic whole eggs almost everyday for several months.  I've actually lost weight and my cholesterol levels have improved since I made the switch. 

4.  Watch for the smoke point in cooking oils.  One of the most common cooking oils is olive oil, yet it's one of the unhealthiest with which to cook.  Oils such as sesame are healthier when cooking.  Olive oil is great to add after the food has been cooked or on salads.

5.  You can do more.  I was actually told by someone that I'm doing everything I possibly can to get healthy.  I simply won't accept that.  It's a nice compliment, but I know I can do more.  This is why I continue to look for ways to improve my health.

Have you learned something on your own that has helped improve your health?  Please share!

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