Thursday, March 05, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Those Who Understand and Take Action

We had snow last week in addition to a long duration of freezing rain that fell Sunday night.  The next day I was concerned about the parking lot at my yoga center possibly being icy.  I called ahead and was told the conditions were fine, so I went.

For the most part, it was true.  Most of the parking lot was treated well.  However, there was a chunk of snow blocking the path from the accessible parking space where I parked leading to the crosswalk.  I had to walk in the middle of the street (to avoid a another huge mound of snow as seen to the right in the picture below) to get from my car to the entrance and back.

It's difficult to visualize this and how it affected my walk into the yoga center, so I asked the owner to come out with me after my class was done so I could show her what the issue was.  After she saw what I was talking about, she agreed that the parking lot company needed to come back that day to clear the snow.  I am not only grateful that the owner of the yoga center agreed with me that there was a problem, but more importantly that she took it upon herself to contact the parking lot company about this matter.  I am grateful that she took action!

Taken from the "zebra" of my parking space.  The snow is covering the path to the crosswalk, which is on the opposite side from where I parked.  The big mound of snow I had to walk around is to the right.  This picture was taken after class.  The empty accessible parking space you see here with the blue paint was not available when I got there.  For anyone who parked there it was not a problem.

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