Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Good Times

Seven years ago today Stephanie left this world.  In memory of her I'd like to share with you one of my favorite memories. Get ready to laugh!
I often spent a couple of nights at Stephanie's house on my vacations from teaching.  One of the things we loved to do was go shopping.  Walmart was a favorite store of ours, not just for their products (that was actually just a minor part of our adventures), but mostly for the the fun we had while there.
I would always use a motorized scooter while shopping and Stephanie would sometimes hang on to my scooter.  I'd drive and she would just glide along next to or behind me in her manual wheelchair.  It was like a mini two-car train.  This is how we'd cruise through the store.
One day when we went to Walmart we spent a whopping six hours there.  Six hours!  I honestly can't remember what we bought.  I just remember the fun time we had cruising through the store and laughing at pretty much everything.
Of course, after six hours of shopping one gets hungry.  There was a McDonald's in the Walmart, so we stopped there to eat.  We enjoyed a deliciously unhealthy meal that satisfied our hunger.
After that, we began heading out the door to go home.  I drove the motorized scooter out to her van so I didn't have to walk that far.  When we got to her van I realized I was missing something.  It wasn't our purchases.  We had all of that.  Can you guess what it was?
My crutches!!  I left my crutches in McDonald's! 

I had them in the basket that was attached to the motorized scooter I was driving, but for some reason I had taken them out and put them on the floor in McDonald's.  I'm sure there was a legitimate reason for this, I just can't remember what it was.
After we were able to contain ourselves from laughing hysterically, I went back in the store to retrieve my extra pair of legs.  Thankfully, they were right where I left them.
To this day I always think of this experience when I drive the motorized scooters in stores.  If you see me cruising in the scooter chuckling to myself, it's probably because I am remembering this day.  I can't help but giggle when I think of it.