Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday's Tip - When You're Sick

There will be times when you're just not feeling well.  (If not, way to go!)  This past Sunday I was not feeling well.  I didn't feel like eating or drinking much, but I wanted something to keep hydrated and keep my energy as up as it could be.  I have a box of crackers that I used to eat on a regular basis.  Although they are the healthiest I can find in the store, they are not healthy enough to be eating daily.  So, I now save them for those times when I'm not feeling up to par, but need something in my stomach.  They came in really handy on Sunday!  

One thing I realized is I need to change the juice I've been buying.  I rarely drink juice anymore and I therefore rarely buy it.  In fact, some of the juice I have will expire soon.  It's all 100% juice with no added sugar.  However, it isn't organic and is likely loaded with GMO's.  While it sufficed this weekend when I was sick (I drank a mere 4 ounces) I know in the future I need to make changes.  I don't want to add GMO's to my body when I'm already sick!

So, what's Tuesday's tip?  

Stock up on healthy non-perishables for those times when you are not feeling up to par.  

It will keep you from splurging on the unhealthy, but easy to consume stuff.  Just don't use this as a reason to eat these emergency non-perishables too often.  I'm talking about keeping them for those times when you are truly feeling sick and cannot muster up the energy to prepare healthy food in your own kitchen.


  1. EXCELLENT TIP, especially for those of us who live alone. Years ago I had a horrible flu but fortunately had a good friend in that apartment complex who went to the grocery to get some soups and other items to aid in my recovery. I used to be the type of person who would get down to a completely bare pantry; I'm talking NOTHING in the house to eat, before I'd go to the grocery and even then I could stall for a few days by going through fast food drive-throughs. (*Shudders thinking of that now.*)

    I asked my friend, who had never married, always lived alone, and was about my age what she did when she got too ill to go shopping. She said she keeps a stash of food for just that eventuality and puts it in an area where she can't easily see or get to it so she's not tempted to eat it when she didn't feel like grocery shopping. As obvious as that is, it was like a light-bulb went on for me.

    I hope you're feeling MUCH better now, Meezan. *Hugs*

    1. Thank you, Lyn. Sounds like you've made some very positive health changes! Keep it up!