Friday, May 01, 2015

Five for Friday - Five Positive Newsworthy Events

Five Positive Things Have Been Happening in Baltimore This Week

1. Today there are only two places listed on the website I looked at for closings and delays. This is a huge improvement from Tuesday!

2. When school was closed on Tuesday due to the rioting that took place Monday night, some students voluntarily used their time to clean up the streets. THIS is the future of our youth. Many adults voluntarily helped as well.

3. Although for the first time in Major League Baseball history a game was played in a stadium full of empty seats, The Baltimore Orioles managed to pull off an 8-2 win yesterday! Fans showed their support in various ways. Some stood at the gates of the stadium, some rented hotel rooms that overlook the stadium and watched from there, and some watched from the balconies of their apartments. Many others "checked in" at the stadium on their smartphones. They were there even if they couldn't be there!

4. Children are taking care of the police officers, making sure they stay well hydrated. THIS is the future of our youth!

5. Music is being used to bring people together. ONE THOUSAND people showed up for an outdoor concert on Wednesday!

What are some positive things that happened in your neck of the woods?  Please share below!


  1. So wonderful to hear positive things happening in Baltimore rather than the media-drenched gloom. Thank you for posting this. In my little corner of the world:

    *I have new neighbors living directly across from me. They have already created a lovely patio area with flowers that are lovely to view when I look out my front window.
    *I was really frightened about having surgery for the first time but it turned into an enjoyable adventure. Each person I met, beginning with my surgeon's office staff, then the nurse who performed the pre-op procedures, all the nurses and anesthesiologists (I had three!!) who would be in the OR room each spoke to me at length, and finally all the nurses, aides, dieticians, chaplain, and the person who cleaned my room were all amazing, caring people.
    *The daughter of one of my elderly neighbors came with me to get Kali from boarding to carry her in her carrier since I couldn't lift that much weight yet.
    *And most of all - the blessing of my parents taking me to the hospital for surgery, then my mother staying in my room with me until my dinner was delivered.

    1. You're welcome, Lyn! And that is wonderful news for you, too! Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Not sure why my comment defaulted to one of my online user names...this is me, Lyn :)