Monday, March 23, 2015

Mindful Monday - A Mindful and Memorable Meal

I had been doing Monday Musings, but I've decided to change it to Mindful Mondays.  Mindfulness is important because it encourages healthy habits.  When we're aware how things affect us we're able to make choices that will support our physical, mental, and emotional health.  Once healthy habits are formed it will become effortless.

Yesterday we went to a dinner theater to see The Addams Family.  This musical was very well done and I highly recommend it if it comes to your area!

The food was also good. I tweaked the way I usually eat when I go there. They always have a wide selection of food, so there's something for everyone. I made sure I drank water before I left home, so during the meal I didn't drink anything. I started to order a non-alcoholic strawberry drink, but I decided to wait until after the meal to see if I still wanted it. I didn't. The meal was served before the show, so my first taste of anything to drink (just water) was during intermission.

As far as the food goes, I skipped all the meat and ate mostly salad and steamed veggies. I'm not a fan of a lot of salad dressing. When I go out I usually choose Ranch, but I only eat about a tablespoon of it. I did have some mac and cheese and mashed potatoes, but instead of them being the main course, I just took a little bit of those...and I ate them only after I finished all the veggies. Don't get me wrong, though. I did save room for the carrot cake and "make your own sundae". I ate the sundae (mine was vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream) immediately after dinner, and I saved the carrot cake for later in the show. It wasn't until I ate the carrot cake that I needed to drink water, only because the cake was a little too sweet for me.

I didn't go into last night's meal thinking I would be mindful, but I noticed it. I guess mindfulness is becoming a habit for me.  Here's what I noticed:  It wasn't until I ate the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes that I felt "stuffed". Maybe it was because I had already eaten the salad and veggies and I was full enough, but I think it was also because of the type of foods they were. Almost instantly the mac and cheese (they used "muenster" cheese for this and mashed potatoes filled me up. I'm glad I didn't eat them first because I might have skipped the healthier options had I done it that way.

When I go there again (probably late summer) I will skip the carrot cake. It was all part of the cost of the ticket, so I didn't pay extra for it. I simply don't need it, though. I got my money's worth in other ways.  I'll stick with just the ice cream for dessert. I'll also remember to eat the veggies and salad first, skip the eggs and croutons on my salad (I eat organic eggs at home, so no loss there), skip the meat (been trying to cut down on, but not eliminate meat consumption, even organic), and drink water before leaving home rather than during the meal. All of those worked well for me last night.

What have you noticed about one of your recent meals?

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