Friday, March 20, 2015

Five for Friday - Decluttering Technology

Over the past few weeks I've mentioned some strategies for decluttering.  I listed five areas of your life that you can declutter.  Last week I listed five strategies for decluttering actual items.  Today I will list five ways you can declutter technology.

1.  Cell Phone - Delete phone numbers of contacts you no longer use or don't recognize.  This will make it easier to find the contacts you do actually contact.

2.  Computer - Clean up your desktop.  Uninstall files and programs you no longer use and organize everything else into folders.  Remember if you just put it in the recycle bin it won't delete it from your computer.  You need to actually uninstall it.  This will make your computer run more efficiently.

3. DVR - Delete programs you've recorded that you'll never watch or make time to watch them.  Everyone needs a break sometimes and you'll free up some space to record new shows in the future.

4. Email - Delete emails you don't want that are clogging up your inbox.  Don't bother opening them again if you already know you don't want them.  Just unclog your inbox.  If you have a lot just do a certain amount each day and it will eventually get done.  From now on don't just delete junk email when you receive them.  First, take a few seconds to use the unsubscribe option.  Then delete them.  Junk email can cause a lot of mental clutter, not to mention make the relevant emails more difficult to find.  By simply unsubscribing you won't have to deal with them again.  Most of the time it literally does only take a few seconds per email to do this!

5.  Social Media - Remove yourself from groups in which you don't participate and consider selecting the option where you cannot be invited again.  Decide if you really do like the pages you "liked" or if you really want to follow the people you follow.  If not, unlike or unfollow them.  By doing this you will find more relevant posts showing up in your feeds.

Can you think of other ways to declutter technology?  Please share!

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