Friday, March 13, 2015

Five for Friday - Decluttering Actual Items

Over the past couple of weeks I've mentioned some strategies for decluttering.  Last Friday I listed five areas of your life that you can declutter.  I will begin expanding on each one.  Let's start with the most obvious one - actual items.  Here are five ways you can declutter your home by removing actual items.

1.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and find as many things as possible that you no longer need.  Have different boxes ready so you can easily put them in there - donation, trash, or recycle.  You may even want to have a box for regifting items.  If sorting is taking too long, then don't bother with that.  Just put all items you need to part with in one box and sort them later.

2.  Every time you bring an item home, get rid of another item plus another one.  This way you always end up with less than you had before.  More on that in a previous blog post.

3.  When you put away your fall/winter clothes and break out the spring/summer wardrobe (and vice versa) decide what goes and what stays at that time.  Don't hang up what you won't wear for the upcoming seasons and don't store what you won't wear ever again from previous seasons.

4.  Shred old financial statements you no longer need and opt to receive all of your bills and statements online.

5.   Declutter before purchasing storage containers. Often times storage containers defeat the purpose of declutter and they can just cause more clutter.  You may find that you don't need them!

What strategies do you have for decluttering items?  Please share!

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