Friday, July 25, 2014

Confessions of a Non-knitter

Four years ago today my best friend passed away.  The following year I started making it my annual goal to bring something to life in memory of her.  In 2011 StringtownBeads opened for business.  In 2012 I presented my new and improved blog.  Last year I created a lyric video for If I Die Young by The Band Perry.  This year I knitted my version of a scarf, and here's why.

One day when Stephanie and I were out shopping as we so often did, I bought some yarn and needles to try my hand at knitting.  I tried several times and got frustrated.  I would make a mistake, then completely start over.  Eventually I got tired of it and just gave up. 

This year I wanted to change that.  I wanted to overcome the challenges I faced, much like what life is all about.  I wanted to push through the tough times and finish a garment, so I decided to knit a scarf.  Problem is, who wears a thick scarf in the middle of Maryland summers?  Then it hit me.  A Christmas in July scarf!  I had red and green yarn, so it was perfect.  Okay, so I may not wear this scarf in the middle of summer, but I'll always remember it as my Christmas in July scarf because that's when it was created.

It's a good thing it's the journey that counts, and not the final product.  What I learned about myself throughout this whole process is that my true passion is still with beading, not knitting.  But I can say I gave it a good shot.  We don't have to like every new thing we try.  The important thing is simply that we try.  And I did.  I put my heart and soul into completing this scarf.  I bought a book, watched instructional videos, and got help from friends who are seasoned knitters.  I also felt an enormous amount of support from friends who don't know how to knit.  Everyone encouraged me to keep going.  All of these people completed the scarf with me, including Stephanie.  After all, the original inspiration came from her.

So, the scarf is it's own kind of perfect.  I did improve as I continued working on it and that's evident if you see the scarf in person and know which part I did first and which part I did second.  I may eventually pick up the yarn and needles again, but for now it's back to the beading.


  1. It may not win a fashion reward, but it wins our hearts. ��

  2. I think the scarf is a beautiful labor of love!

  3. Your attempt is a good one, Meezan! I am a sometime knitter, not a professional by any means. But you have shown good intentions with a good heart. Hugs!