Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Falling for Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Most days, like today, the humidity is low and the temperature is refreshingly cool.  Like so many other people, I love the colors of autumn.  Looking at colorful trees collectively from a distance is awe-inspiring, but being the detailed-oriented person that I am I especially love to examine the patterns in individual leaves.  I did a little leaf-collecting today and this is what I found.

The first one that stood out to me was this little one.   I love the "fluff" around the edges.

In a different area I found these three friends.  I especially love the multi-colored leaves.

 In yet a different area I discovered these two.  Check out their patterns.  

   After seeing so many yellows, greens, and oranges I was in search of a red one, and I finally found this fiery one.

I can't wait to get out there and do more leaf-collecting!