Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Best Friends Forever

Today I celebrate the life of my best friend.  The scroll you see on this page was a gift from her many years ago.  One of the verses says,

"When I think of our good times, it makes me smile
remembering them all, and it makes me glad knowing
there will be more good times ahead of us."

When she gave it to me I had no idea how the meaning of that verse would be transformed into something so significant.  Stephanie is still with me, and I believe we are still experiencing some good times together.  She is my inspiration for most everything that I do.  Indeed, there will be more good times ahead of us.

Stephanie and her dog, Molly
Happy Birthday, Stephanie.


  1. Beautiful post! Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  2. Replies
    1. Mihail, it's the person in the spotlight who makes the tribute beautiful. :-)

  3. I really appreciate it when you share about your friend Stephanie. She sounds like an extraordinary person just like you Meezan!