Thursday, August 09, 2012

Imperfect Olympic Trifle Fruit Salad

The Olympics as most of us know it are almost over, but Olympic season will continue.  The Paraolympics will begin in London on August 29th and last through September 9th.  This is where athletes with physical disabilities compete and go for the gold. 

I was born with spina bifida, a birth defect in my back.  I walk with crutches most of the time, and for longer distances I use a wheelchair.  Although I spent many childhood summers in the hospital and at home recovering from countless surgeries, it has never stopped me from setting and achieving my goals.  Like Olympic athletes, physically challenged or not, I have always strived for my personal best.  I am grateful to my parents for raising me this way.

My mom recently celebrated her birthday and guess who the party planner was.  That's right.  Me!  :)  As stressful as it can be at times, I enjoy event planning, and I was honored to do this for my mom.  Since it is Olympic season and my parents raised me to go for my own gold I decided to celebrate the season and make an Olympic Fruit Salad.

So I gathered up some of my favorite fruits in Olympic colors - blueberries, pineapple, blackberries, green grapes, and raspberries.

Thank you to my friend who suggested cool whip
to represent the white background on the Olympic flag!

I began alternating fruit and cool whip in the trifle bowl in the order of the Olympic ring colors.  The final result:

What a delicious mess!

As suggested by a friend, I added
 an Olympic chainmaille bracelet
to the bottom of the trifle bowl for a
decorative touch.  An identical bracelet
 is available at StringtownBeads.
So why would I want to share such a catastrophe?  I wasn't striving for
perfection.  I was striving for my personal best and I achieved that.  This is why I can say this dessert turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.

Now, while I believe in striving for one's personal best, I also believe in personal growth.  This is why I am asking you how you think I can improve this recipe and make it better next time.  Less cool whip and more fruit?  Is there a technique you use when making layered recipes like this one?  I am a beader, not a chef, so I don't know the tricks of the trade in the kitchen.  Please share your thoughts below and next time I can make this Imperfect Olympic Trifle Fruit Salad even better.


  1. I'm not a chef, or fruit salad makeer, or jewerly maker for that looks delicious. Maybe you could add ice cream, but I'm addicted to ice cream so I think you can add ice cream to everything. :) I like that you added the chainmail bracelet at the bottom and found a way to incorporate more of your creativity.

    I'm sure your Mom is very proud to have you as a daughter. You deal with challenges that life has sent you and even though it might not be whatever our egos tells us it should be, it all turns out perfect in the end just like your fruit salad. :)

  2. First of all....The bracelet was a fantastic decorative touch!!!!!! Basically you made a trifle. One idea is... Buy a pound cake or angel food cake.Chunk the cake up, and layer it with the fruit. I would whip Mascarpone or creme cheese with lemon zest into the cool whip to thicken it up. But you made a really light and beautiful desert!!!! I would make it exactly like that in short glasses. In fact I have done it for myself that way.

  3. The trifle may be imperfect, but it still looks delicious and I like how the bracelet completes it's look.

  4. Mihail is right it looks delicious :) Tamara Jo has some wonderful ideas for thickening the cool whip up which would make it so rich it would be right up my alley and I would be enjoying it for ... AHHH LOVELY MARSCAPONE!!! see I couldn't even finish my sentence. Marscarpone could make me hurt myself and possible others who get in the way (HAHAHAHA) Kudos on that bracelet idea and it looking so great! I am glad that you were able to wrap two projects that is very very cool indeed! GREAT BLOG, I can't wait to try my thoughts mixed with all of your's into this. I may be making a frozen version and trying it James' way as I have a ice cream lover in the house as well, and I am certain it would be a huge hit! Thanks for that idea James :) Keep the ideas and blogs coming Meezan :)

  5. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your ideas! I am very touched and inspired by all of your comments. :-)

  6. Ahhh..yummy as is!

    But I was also thinking it needs lady fingers or something to sort of hold it down. A textural thing. THEN I read ice cream...oh cream needs to be in there too. And Marscapone ...OH MY! We have re-written your original and lovely recipe!

    1. Chris, it did taste good; it just didn't look good. :) Lady fingers is a great idea too! My original creation needed to be written, so I appreciate it! Thank you! :-)

  7. As you know, I'm a disaster in the kitchen...or was until a few months ago but a layered trifle would be a challenge. I have seen photos of trifles where the lady fingers Chris mentioned were arranged vertically in the bowl, but then that blocks out the colors.

    Now here's an, ummmm...interesting trifle made by Rachel in a "Friends" episode. Looks beautiful but, ummmm...well, watch the video. ;)