Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stringing Beads

Welcome to Stringtown!  I'm so glad you stopped by!  The Emerson quote above is the essence of Stringtown. Each experience colors our world in a different way causing us to feel a rainbow of emotions throughout life. One pivotal moment in my life happened two years ago today with the passing of my best friend. We were friends since childhood and never lost touch even beyond the day she left this world.

Stephanie and me with her childhood dog, Dutchess.
Thank you to Stephanie's parents for providing this picture.

Stephanie sparked my passion for beading and she continues to inspire me everyday. Five years ago my brother was planning his wedding and I was looking for a unique shower gift for my soon-to-be sister in law. I remembered that Stephanie had some jewelry-making tools and beads. What is more unique than a handmade gift? Thus began my love of beading. It was an interest Stephanie and I shared.



And more beads!

Stephanie and I drove on Stringtown Road many times as we embarked on countless shopping adventures, many of which included the hunt for beads. The name Stringtown fits well with the main technique I use in my beading, which is stringing. Last July 25th I opened StringtownBeads in Stephanie's memory. I am making it my annual goal to "bring something to life" every year on that date in her memory. This year I have chosen to begin this blog and dedicate it to my Best Friend Forever, Stephanie.

In memory of Stephanie...

I invite you to join me on this train of moods as we string the beads of life together!